Ted Bundy unknown victims list

Since my school computer decided to be an ass and wipe stuff, I will probably just publish this shit here. Privately.

That being said, here are all the photos and shit on Bundy: credits to their original sources.

Rose Tashman article: Stabbed and strangled to death on highway after stopping for gas.https://www.newspapers.com/clip/30667025/mulholland_drive_body_found_rose/ Parts 1+2 come from there

1969: Elizabeth Perry/Susan Davis, found stabbed to death in woods, car found parked in woods. Bundy admitted to being newr the scene and he left NJ after these murders took place. His aunt confessed he was there but wearing a cast. Experts believe he did this crime.

1970: Cindy Lee Mellin, abducted in January 1970, presumably bludgeoned, raped and strangled. Body neverhttp://www.doenetwork.org/cases/869dfca.html found. Scene matches Bundy and he could have very well been the perpetrator.

September 6, 1970-Donna Ann Lass is abducted and murdered by Ted Bundy in the early hours of the night. Potentially bombshell case which I will explore later.

10 days later

September 16, 1970-Jeannette Rose Miller vanishes off bridge in Arlington, WA. Ted’s first WA victim? Note the ten day relapse between victims. Bundy was in Snohomish County, iirc.

November 1970-Robin Graham, abducted by Bundy in the night in a Corvette he likely stole. Perpetrator fits Bundy’s age, height and description (his brown hair could appear blond) and he had a turtleneck. The turtleneck is Bundy evidence cuz he wore that to hide his mole. Also he was revisiting the place where he murdered Tashman.

Ted’s final victim in 1970?


Denise Anderson-Apr 1971

Last seen by her roommates in Sacramento, CA. Like all his other victims, she had long brown hair. Possible Bundy victim.

Rita Curran, July 19, 1971-In the early morning hours, Bundy broke into Rita Curran’s apartment, strangled, raped, and beat the teacher to death with his bare hands and a weapon. The scene was considered one of the most brutal ever seen. Bundy was born in VT and possibly visited around this time.

Joyce LePage, July 22, 1971-WA

FOund stabbed to death in a canyon, rolled up in a carpet. Bundy is considered a good suspect.

August-October 1971-UNKNOWN victims?

Ew, Debra T. Pscholka, age 12, missing since June 5, 1971, from a movie theater. Long brown hair, brown eyes. Bundy? Could be anyone. Probably not.

Lynne Schulze-December 1971

Lynne mysteriously disappears. Durst is suspected, but I have my beliefs it is more than likely a Bundy disappearance. Schulze had long brown hair and could have easily been coerced into Ted’s vehicle and abducted. It fits more in line with the conventional Bundy victims.


Bundy’s Canada murders

Patricia Salamandyk, June 1972-Potentially a Bundy crime.

Ingrid Bauer-August 16, 1972-Ingrid matches most Bundy cases, a young woman goes hitchhiking and disappears, little to no evidence.


Maureen Sterling and Yvonne weber, 12-both found down an embankment, cause of death not determined, near a place where Bundy worked. Debra Kent was also abducted near an ice skating rink. 12 year olds were also not necessarily out of Bundy’s sick menu.

Kim Wendy Allen-Found in a creek bed. Bound at ankles and feet, raped, and slowly strangled to death with a cord. Last seen hitchhiking. I have one question: what the fuck was the barrel for? Where did it go? Anyway, ooc aside, very possibly Bundy.

Lori Lee Kursa, 13, seen in a pickup truck with a Caucasian man with an afro type hairstyle. Bundy had a pickup truck and hair that could look like an afro. You tell me, who killed her?

Jeanette Kamahele, 20. Last seen getting into a pickup truck by a 20-30 year old male with an afro hairstyle. Boy, I wonder who that could be.


Rosa Vasquez-strangled to death. Age 20

Nancy Gidley, found strangled. Age 24

Laura A. O’Dell, found dead from head injuries/strangulation age 21

Yvonne Quilantang, found strangled. Age 15

Theresa Diane Walsh, strangled, beaten, raped and drowned and thrown into the river in WA only a few mere weeks before Bundy would begin killing exclusively in WA and draw national headlines.

Rita Lorraine Jolly and the other woman-Possibly victims, not sure.

Carmen Robinson, disappeared in CA hitchhiking home in the dark. Was seen getting off a bus and never again after that,

1974 additional victims

Laurie Partridge, 14-Abducted while walking home from school with cramps. Bundy questioned but let go. Bullshit. He did it. Dec 1974

Margie Ada Snead? Potentially…

The Leslie sisters, though I believe this is a separate case.

30 unknown victims?

Maybe. Though that’s stretching it.

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