Censorship of anything is not good

It alarms me how often I’m seeing more websites resorting to censorship and outright shutting down of users whose opinions they don’t like, agree with-it’s not the Internet I grew up with. I was told everyone could be online, that it was an inclusive place for everyone.

Here’s the thing you should know, fellow liberals, coming from a liberal-censorship isn’t good when it happens to anyone, (aside from legitimately dangerous terroristic content, hate speech, threats, etc). It isn’t good when it happens to you for speaking your mind about abortion, it isn’t good when you are prevented from accessing birth control information or abortion resources, or from posting LGBT stuff because some website decided they don’t want freedom of expression.

But the opposite end also HAS the same rights to freedom of speech as you do. Laughing at conservatives (or even mildly conservative people who do agree with liberal thoughts) being censored is not okay. This is the beginning of the censorship of the Internet. Alternate opinions aren’t allowed anymore. Alternate interests aren’t allowed anymore. Being an alternate in anything is now BAD.

It seems like most of it is focused on censoring those who speak differently or think differently from the norm, which is scary.

There’s a huge difference between being banned from a website because you said some genuinely disgusting stuff and threatened others VS. posting your personal opinions on an issue.

No one should be getting banned just because of their political views. People should be allowed to be pro life or pro choice. None of this should result in censorship. That’s not a good outlook for the future of the Internet, either.

Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and now even Youtube are censoring things at alarming rates-even things that are perfectly innocuous (like freaking Pokemon videos and a freaking statue!) They now don’t want you to post things that they don’t like people seeing, so they censor you.

This is not how the Internet should be. We should all be very afraid. When the “porn” gets censored, the LGBT people get erased. Then, the “alternative” theories disappear, and conspiracy theorists and ufo believers generally do not harm anyone, so censoring them is idiotic, though I get the anti-vaxx thing a lot-and then what’s next?

Violence. Then drugs. Then alcohol. Then depiction of adult themes. Then, every dissident who they disagree with even slightly.

No, don’t laugh when a conservative gets censored. This is not America. America does not censor based on “political spectrum”, censorship should only be used if necessary, and for users who are genuine threats to people. Posting an article to Facebook about pro life things should NOT lead to being banned from it.

Reddit is now engaging in censorship, freaking Reddit. And with Europe poised to censor its whole entire Internet, the free net we love could become a thing of the past, with all the great things about it hidden forever behind glass.

Tumblr has censored entire tags, including things that are innocuous, like names of anime, names of actors, and even entire words, even though words have multiple meanings-and now the word “promo” is censored.

It’s amazing that censorship is even being considered. Remember how less than six years ago, we all fought against it with SOPA and PIPA? Why the hell are we now embracing it? I don’t like what Alex Jones has to say as much as the next guy, but when he gets kicked off a platform he has every right to be on and speak his opinion, we should all be afraid.

Freedom of speech is that, no matter what a person has to say, even if you disagree with or dislike it, that it is allowed (with exceptions for hate speech, and threats toward people and government, ofc)-no matter how controversial the idea, subject matter or whatever they say, it is their right to do so. It is this right that makes us American, and fortunately for us, it is something most conservatives do hold in very high regard. (Again they do play by double standards, but then again so do we liberals.)

I am not certain what the future holds, but I can only hope and pray that this unneeded censorship of harmless things will end soon, before everything is censored. It’s Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Tumblr, and Youtube now. How long until Deviantart starts taking things down?

The only free websites I see now (aside from others like 4chan and Encyclopedia Dramatica), are Archive of Our Own, archive.org and Wikipedia.

I hope that we soon see the error of our ways-with machine algorithms introduced, that will lead to more harm than good. We need to stop censoring. I don’t care who they are. I don’t care what they believe, unless it involves killing people or racism, I believe they can express their opinions.

(This is also why Reddit’s banning of dating subreddits and loli worries me, because that’s the first thing that goes before censorship…fiction. Fiction often gets censored a lot.)

I think we should all be concerned about Article 13.

It can affect all of us. Censorship is now the “go-to” way of dealing with things you don’t like. Now entire websites can do it, easily. What happened to just blocking users?

Too bad we’re headed down this path, I liked the free and open Internet.


Why I will never be into veganism

I can see you people typing angrily on your keyboards.

Why the fuck am I not a vegan?

Why the fuck am I not switching to a vegan diet?

Why the fuck am I partaking in the “slaughter of animals” and enjoying eating meat AND a mix of fruit, veggies, nuts, and whatever.

Here’s a simple answer, and it’s going to hurt to hear it.

Simply put, the “superiority complexes” and judgmental assholes of the vegan community have made me want nothing to do with it. Nope, never.

You can scream “OH, BUT WE’RE DOING GOOD!” Great, good for you. I’m glad not all vegans want to murder me where I stand just for eating fucking food.

Look, I get where you’re coming from. Most of you are well-meaning, good-hearted people who want the best for animals, the planet, and who want others to do good, too. You want to help people, you want to do the right thing. Most of you are warm-hearted, kind and loving people who want to help and save others and guide them toward the warm light of veganism.

To those of you vegans/vegetarians who DON’T go insane about veganism, who don’t preach endlessly, spew hate at others, call people names over eating meat, act like you’re better than others, call people animal abusers for eating burgers, and just plain won’t accept alternative views and leave the subject alone-and who remember that they can’t FORCE people to change, and who remember the people they preach to are people, who have diet sensitivity, who just plain don’t like veggies-THANK YOU.

This article isn’t about you. It’s about the attitudes I see, the hateful words I see spewed at people over stupid shit like food. This attitude kills every good intention you might have.

When you want people to agree with you, you should be POLITE and CONSIDERATE first. This means, no posturing, no insulting, no telling people they’re supporting an animal holocaust. Kindly explain your views to them (as an ordinary person, not as a God speaking to a human.) Ask them if they want to hear about veganism. If they say no, stop talking and look for someone else to talk to.

If they say yes, politely engage with them. Don’t call them names, argue or do anything stupid.

No one minds that you are vegan. We mind when you call us names, insult us, and act superior about a mere belief that you alone possess. How would you like it if we insulted you?

I imagine you would be hurt and offended. Now, imagine how people who choose to eat a balanced diet feel, seeing people act like THEIR diet is the best and shitting on everyone who doesn’t agree with them.

No one has to agree with you. I’m sorry, but that’s the way life is.

Not everyone is going to pick up eating a salad or eat vegan food. Not everyone will agree with you. But that’s part of what being a human means. Others disagree. It doesn’t make them bad people. It doesn’t make them evil. And it certainly doesn’t make them Satan.

I have pets that are carnivores, that need to eat meat. I’m not being a murderer by giving them already dead food. (I buy food that’s already processed).

I like eating meat. I’m not harming anyone by doing so.

I would like it if vegans quit vilifying those who aren’t like them, sneering at people who choose to eat gmo foods, acting like they alone care about the environment, and educating the ignorant masses over salad.

Nobody cares, Karen. Eat your thing and chill out.

Seriously. Calm the fuck down.

You’re passionate. All right, we get it. But please calm the hell down and stop jumping down people’s throats.


Veganism that shits all over other people’s feelings, decisions, and right to choose=not fine and being a bully.

We all need to compromise.

Chill the hell out.

We still have time to save the planet. But urging others to adopt your way of thinking won’t win you any friends. In fact, people will more than likely resent you.

If YOU don’t like being made to feel like shit, don’t make someone else feel like shit. Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.

No one is saying we don’t want to try veganism. We just want to try/or ignore it without being called names and just live our lives normally.

Is that so hard?

Separate the person from their choices.

Vegans are not inherently good people.

Belief systems don’t make people good or bad.

How you act does.

So, please, stop it with the “vegan/non-gmo/organic” is the BEST way to be a kind human being bullshit. It’s just obnoxious, rude and demeaning.

If you don’t want to be on the receiving end of that, don’t be the one insulting other people and hurting them. Got it?

You can advocate for people and animals without being rude. In fact, being polite has so many benefits.

Please don’t fail to remember that we’re people first. Second of all, we are only talking about what we eat here. Eating a cheeseburger doesn’t make me Satan, just as you eating salads doesn’t make you stupid, dumb or worse than me.

I’m glad you like this, but it’s not the diet for me.

If you hear that answer, please back off, say okay, and then move on. Don’t waste time trying to convince the person. If they told you their viewpoint, that’s it, no more.

If you want to kill the attitude of the pushy vegan, don’t be that pushy vegan. Be the KIND vegan. Be the UNDERSTANDING vegan. Be the TOLERANT vegan. Be the COMPASSIONATE vegan.

Don’t be the rude, arrogant and mean vegan. No one likes mean people.

It doesn’t matter if you think you’re doing the right thing. Look at the rude Fundamentalists that give religion a bad name. It’s all in your attitude that determines how people see you.

Also, it’s important to remember there are times where discussing diet and morality is not appropriate or welcomed. Using a family dinner to police others’ diets is not appropriate or welcomed. If anyone polices you on it, just politely say that you don’t want to discuss this. Bam, the end.

You don’t know a thing about people just because of what they eat.

You see a meat eater, just shrug your shoulders, roll your eyes maybe, and then move on. But don’t act like you have to convert everyone. That’s not gonna happen.

It’s your attitude that I don’t like.

I stay away from preachy, judgmental communities. I don’t like their attitudes.

So until this crap dies down, I won’t be interested in veganism.

I don’t want to be talked down to, treated like dirt or whatever. Just let others eat whatever they want.

It’s not that complicated, Susan.

In return, I won’t police you about your eating habits. You eat your organic diet. I’ll eat my normal processed food diet.

Tolerance doesn’t mean=pushing everyone to think like me. It’s acknowledging that not everyone feels like you do and accepting it.

That’s a key to maturity.

You wanna convert others, get used to hearing no.

But above all, be a good example for others.

Be kind and not cruel.

I hate memoirs

Recently, I started writing memoirs for a college class, and I have to say that I hate writing memoirs.

I have been so turned off by them that I resolve to never write them again professionally.


  1. They’re boring

Who the fuck cares about the time I fell down while walking or the time I did something special for my family? That schmaltzy stuff is everywhere, and it’s nothing unique. At least with my reviews and fanfiction, I’m giving something unique to the world.

Everyone’s already heard everything about real people. It’s boring taking all the magic out of writing and turning it into boring prose.

I don’t care about memoirs. They’re so boring and pointless.

2. Too many rules

You can’t tell too much. You can’t tell too little. You can’t write too much emotion. You can’t write too little. You have to be 100% honest. You have to develop yourself.

Bitch, this is nonfiction writing, we aren’t characters in a story, all that matters is getting the truth out. We aren’t fictional characters.

The rules around memoirs are fucking absurd. I shouldn’t have to tone myself down just because I’m talking about something that happened to me.

3. You can only talk about yourself

And what a boring, limited topic that is.

Unlike the narcissists of the world, I don’t find myself very exciting, interesting or inventive to learn from. My THEORIES, FANFICS, FANART-is all interesting as those are ideas I produce about things that already exist or could have happened.

But my creative potential for writing my own stories, art or poetry is practically nil. Zero. Zilch. I’m only creative at poetry. Any non fiction I tell is bound to be boring and bland, because I don’t specialize in it.

Sorry if I use big words, sorry if I sound like a fiction writer out of his element. The truth is that non fiction and I don’t get along.

Also, I want to maintain that illusion separating the author from his work. Writing about myself in any way, shape or form kills that illusion. You get to know my work. Not me.

You don’t NEED to know about my pets, about my life, or about my family. Everyone online already does that. It’s boring and overdone.

Also, privacy is important, too. People want to tell too much. They don’t understand that sometimes you just want to keep things to yourself. Even more so for me, the introvert.

I value privacy greatly. I clear my cookies. I wipe my history. I don’t talk about a lot of things that are personal to me.

Sorry, but I can’t just dig up a whole ton of personal info on myself that I hold sacred and expect to be automatically complete on it.

I’m better at writing about others than at myself because I don’t have a huge ego. No one wants to know me. People want to know, what can I DO for the world.

Your boss doesn’t want to sit there and listen to you go on and on about your marriage, how you passed the spelling bee in 3rd grade, etc. They want to know, what are you GOOD AT? What are your skills for work? What can you tolerate? What are your limits?

They care about the job you do. They don’t care about the namby pamby stuff.

Writing has always been impersonal for me because being autistic means you are rather impersonal towards others. You give out facts on tv shows instead of talking about yourself. You’re great at talking about movies, but can’t talk about yourself without hitting a dead end.

Forcing me out of that element is hard. And I don’t like talking about myself. I hate it, as a matter of fact. I don’t like talking about myself.

4. I haven’t had an exciting life

I haven’t suffered from genocide, terrorism, war or mass shootings or mass murder. I haven’t been physically or sexually abused, held hostage, taken drugs or alcohol, or been raped. I haven’t been roofied, or sent to the hospital with incurable diseases.

I haven’t had to deal with ostracism and being shunned by a religious group. I haven’t had to escape being murdered or kidnapped. I haven’t had to deal with workplace bullying or harassment.

Sure, that’s happened to others, but never to me.

My life is ordinary and boring. I have mental disorders, sure, but it’s not like I’m a sociopath, have bpd, npd, or anything else that would make writing about myself EASY. Boy, if I was a sociopath I would have fun and easily make up shit about myself.

The problem is, there’s nothing to tell.

I live in a good home, with good parents, good siblings, and a regular family. I don’t experience violence, I don’t go to church, and I’m not an outdoorsy person.

Me as a person=a totally boring “normie” with nothing new to share.

So I’ve been to the mental hospital. So fucking what, my readers say.

I’ve had a dog. So what, my readers say.

My readers don’t give a shit about my real life, unless I’m like, connected to someone famous. Then they wanna know all about you.

But most of us are so boring that our memoirs turn out boring because we…are boring. That’s not bad. But it hurts if you want to be a nonfiction writer.

I’m just not into writing boring material.

5. People put too many restrictions on it

You can’t use passive voice. You can’t use unique sentence structure. You can’t say “big words” because it’s badddddd and you wanna talk simmmmmppplyyyyy. You can’t do this, you can’t do that.

The more you put restrictions on shit, the less I want to do with you.

This is why I fucking hate this class I’m taking. It’s like taking writing and sucking the fun out of it.

Wtf do you mean, mix between fiction and nonfiction?

You tell us, “don’t give the facts”. We are giving facts. It will be dry.

You tell us, structure it like a story. It’s not a story. We are real people. Grouping people as fictional characters is insane.

6. It’s just tiresome

I hate these memoirs because nothing I do is good enough. I strain myself and kill my creativity for normal, boring shit that means nothing.

I get ripped apart for it and it’s just…entertainment? What the fuck do you want from us, a Nobel Peace Prize?

Writing these things is irritating and I hate them.

I hate nonfiction writing unless it’s related to things like true crime.

Me, writing about myself=fuck off.

Me, writing about my reactions to something fake like the Walking Dead, or talking about other people’s reactions=great

Fiction is excellent because you can write about anything. So you can too in poetry. You wanna write five lines in poetry about a blade of grass? You can fucking do that.

You can write about a grass monster killing people and taking over the Earth in fiction.

In memoirs, everything that’s not exciting is like tapioca pudding-boring, bland and forgettable. And just like that, that’s why I hate memoirs. I don’t like groups of people or movements that shit on others to get their way.

No, I don’t need to tell my story. I’m fine being a fiction writer. I don’t need to please you.

The need for a change: Why fandom and rpc have become so exclusive-how to change it

Inclusivity. What does it mean?

Why are fandoms so isolated, cruel and nasty to each other now? What happened to the days when fandoms accepted everyone and weren’t just for the special, important people?

We hear the term tossed around all the time now-inclusivity, the need for inclusivity and diversity. More diversity in comics, more diversity in anime. People are talking social justice, and they want to see characters that look like themselves, and that’s great! Cis characters are not the only kinds that exist now-LGBTQIA characters, POC characters are now being accepted by fandoms as a whole and the world is moving toward better representation in fiction.

However, there is another meaning to the word inclusive: including all groups of people, rather than just a certain type. Inclusivity not only means including marginalized people, it also includes everyone-so that no one feels left out, alone or isolated. It’s a great concept and is basic human compassion.

The problem is, when it comes to this level of inclusion, fandom seems to be a few steps behind when it comes to basic human decency, communication, kindness and openness. There’s a lot of harmful echo chambers and unhealthy thinking that needs to go away.

The problem is, no one seems to be willing to acknowledge it, or worse, even discuss such issues without people being accused of being “entitled,” being “children”, etc.

This essay covers how recently, fandoms have gone away from the model of being open to all and friendly to “closed-off”, “exclusive”, “cold” and unfriendly, even hostile to new people. It’s a problem that many are not willing to tackle. I’m not just talking about the rpc, though that IS a place for improvement.

Wikias are also places where people should be nicer to each other. I will also discuss closed off websites and websites that hate lurkers and anons and how this should stop as well.

Words cannot explain how irritated I am at the recent hatred of anon accounts or lurking. Lurking is a way to get comfy for the feel of a website before you join it. Seriously. Forcing people to log in or make an account feels invasive and wrong. Wikia used to let anonymous people comment, now it’s arrogant and only allows members with accounts to. What if people are shy? That’s just wrong.

Also, them locking pages so people can’t add new info is also pretty goddamned elitist and stupid. Sometimes people find cool new info they want to share with others! I had to leave a certain Wikia page because they were just the biggest, meanest gatekeepers. They didn’t like dissenting opinions and removed them from their page. They didn’t like people discussing characters on the comments section and acted hostile and rude to people who were behind the series. They even REFUSED to hide spoilers, acting like it was the fans’ fault for not being up to date on the series.

Also, both Quora and Pillowfort are closed-off atmospheres where newbies are not welcome. I can’t begin to explain how detrimental the lack of lurking is for people like me who are very shy and withdrawn. By denying “anon” comments or lurkers, you deny us a space to be there, too, and then get comfy.

Literally, forcing everyone to get accounts does not help solve the problem. I can still remember surfing the net in total bliss and NOT having a paywall block my path or being urged to SIGN IN, GET AN ACCOUNT!

Attitudes like this help to poison what once was a safe retreat for many of us. We need to remember kindness and compassion.

First, I cover my experiences, then elitism/gatekeeping (see above), the so-called “good/bad taste” and “casual fan” bs that needs to end and the lack of communication within fandom. This section covers all areas of fandom, rather than just the rpc. I see communication problems all over the place in the fandoms and feel this takes precedence first.

(Let it be said that I KNOW people of color often get hurt in fandoms. This is just another problem. Others have covered that better than I. I just felt the need to speak up on behalf of those with disabilities like me because often fandom can be pretty hurtful and ableist.)

So anyway, let’s talk briefly about my experiences in fandom. When it comes to lurking and anon, I am increasingly frustrated that fandom discourages anonymous input these days. I am even more frustrated that websites like Pillowfort force you to fucking pay money to join a closed-off, arrogant site that I shouldn’t have to pay money for. Fucking elitists. Stop their bullshit.

Keep your website open to everyone. You aren’t God.

Lurking helped me become comfy with new things.

People on tumblr seem to hate anons as well, in part because they’ve been used to abuse and harass others. However, anon is important, it gives people the chance to speak their minds. Taking that away tells people they’re only worth something if they’re part of that site. That’s not fair.


Overall, I’ve experienced it all-ghosting from “friends”, blocking for no reason or over drama others started with me, hatred on my headcanons, hatred on my crossovers or OCS, etc. What bothers me the most, however, and always has-is the elitists. They’re the ones causing the most problems in fandom. Their poisonous attitudes easily poison an otherwise kind, nice, fandom.

Enough about my experiences. Let’s just talk about them briefly, and go over the main points and why I feel there is a good and bad to each of these behaviors that people do. I don’t entirely blame people for wanting to feel safe inside fandom. I just want people to remember the person they might accidentally exclude or leave out and remember to reach out to others.

Everyone needs a friend.



We have all known someone like this. I know you have.

Try reading that word again. Elitist.

Does anyone you know come into your mind? If so, then you know exactly what kind of behavior I’m talking about. It’s like the kid who never really grew up, who spent time telling other kids he was better than they were-because he had “better toys/better parents who were richer/better clothing”, better this, better that, yada yada yada. Most kids tend to act like this, but it’s okay because we expect them to grow out of that.

So yes, it’s expected that kids might tease each other over a certain interest. After all, they’re still growing and developing. Teens, too do this, but they too, know better.

What happens when it’s a group of adults-grown up people who should KNOW better than to indulge in these childish games, but continue to do this, anyway?

Trust me, you ALL know an elitist adult somewhere. Whether it’s a coworker who thinks you’re below him or a boss who thinks you’re below him, elitists are everywhere, sadly.

But the worst by far has to be the “social elitist”-the one who believes THEIR word is law and their “taste” is best. The guy who spends his time putting down other sports teams and then proceeding to rave about his favorite is an example of this. The preacher who denounces other religions and goes on to gloat about how his is the best religion possible is another.

However, nothing is more embarrassing and detrimental to fandoms and hobbies than people who think they’re above other fans, for silly, petty and stupid reasons. I’m sure you know the type: the ones that shit all over anime adaptations and claim the manga is always the best, the ones that shit on adaptations they don’t like, the ones that hate on other fans for petty reasons like subs and dubs to not agreeing with them, to not viewing them as supreme overlord of rightness.

However, the worst gatekeeping lately has been in fandoms-with fans that seek to make sure only the right types of fans join. The ones who shun others for being too “cringy” or mock and ridicule others they don’t like-the ones who pride themselves on being super obsessed and then shun others who aren’t super obsessed by calling them casuals, and worst of all those who act like their “taste” in shows is so superior that “good taste/bad taste actually exists.”

Hint: it doesn’t. It’s your goddamned opinion and no one died and made you God of the world. Shut the fuck up and let others enjoy their thing. You have no right to go around calling people “casuals.” People have lives outside fandom. Encouraging obsessive thinking is wrong.

Also, you don’t get to control who exactly comes in and out. You should be ashamed of your behavior. Who do you think you are?

You have no right to badger and bully children or disabled people for being just as into something as you are.

Anti shipping is also another problem, however the biggest problems are within the roleplaying community itself. A lot of these issues are old, some are new. Either way, it’s worth addressing.


Ah, roleplaying. One of the best parts of being in a fandom, right?

It used to be that way. Now it’s full of bullshit and drama. How can we solve this? I’m not sure myself, but either way I just want to address how I feel or where I stand on these issues. I don’t feel it’s okay to just let people continue shunning others for no reason.

There’s a difference between your opinion and being a dick about it, and many continue to conflate the two as being cold, hard fact.


The biggest problem I have with fandom as a whole is that it’s full of grumpy young codgers who act like trying to learn new things or watching new things is a pestilence upon mankind that shouldn’t exist or be a thing.


Stale, old thinking does no good. Fresh voices are needed. The fact that this isn’t reinforced is just plain sad and only contributes to more of the toxicity that pollutes fandoms these days.

Hatred of anything new (or neophobia) is a common human condition. We all want things to stay the same, and when they don’t or slip out of our control, expect us to get mad, scream and rant.

It’s a shame that adults who know better don’t know how to politely decline people’s requests without resorting to drama over being asked to try out something new. (I know someone like this who acts like a spoiled brat when asked to try new and unfamiliar things and it’s the absolute WORST. And yes, he’s an adult.)

The biggest problem I have with the rpc, or had, as I am quitting soon, is their hatred of new things. They throw conniptions over being asked to check out new series they might not know about, or might even like. I remember my autistic advisers telling me that I had to “expand out of my interests and expand my horizons.” I take that to heart.

There’s nothing wrong with experiencing new things, it’s part of human nature. You need to try new things, otherwise it’s a sad life. And if you didn’t like it, at least you tried. I give points to those who rebel against this bs and actually give new series a chance.

I was able to read fanfics with series I didn’t know back in the day ffs. I didn’t throw fits over it.

Also, the hatred on crossovers is ridiculous. Get used to it, major movies make crossovers all the time. We aren’t going away simply because you think some of our interpretations are cringe. Some crossovers are really fun and creative and you’re really missing out. I feel sorry for people who hate on OCs and crossovers mindlessly. They really miss out on a lot of new fun.

OCs are another victim of this toxicity. Now they are compared to Mary Sues and ignored, excluded and treated like shit. Shame on you for treating creative writers this way. You might make them hate their own writing.

Honestly, these guys deserve better than the arrogant a-holes who run fandoms these days. People don’t know what they’re missing out on. And also, at the Earthbound fandom, there’s nothing wrong with the Sans is Ness theory, fuck off.


Selectivity isn’t a bad thing, in and of itself. People were afraid of receiving hate or running into toxic people, so they decided to limit the amount of new people they interacted with. The intent by itself isn’t a bad thing-many people irl tend to only talk to a few people here and there.

The bad thing is that, from what I’ve seen-this kills fandoms and rp even more so. I have seen fandoms just turn to a husk and dry up when selectivity comes in-no more new people enter, no more new friendships are formed-no one trusts each other unless they’ve known them for ten thousand trillion years. It kills ingenuity and the chance to meet new people and new friends.

I’ll tell you how fast I saw rp blogs dry up and leave and complain of inactivity. Well, maybe it’s because you taught everyone that shutting everyone new out was the right thing to do. What happens when your old rp partners move on or they delete their blogs, or they decide to stop rping with you? I tried it, the end result was that my blogs lost popularity, people stopped talking to me and I got barely anything done, anywhere.

Selectivity only seems like something for the crazy or people that just don’t understand that friends aren’t going to always stick by you like glue. It pretty much guarantees that for antisocial and autistic people like me, the door will always remain closed in our faces. We didn’t know you before, so therefore fuck you and never touch us again. How could fandom come to be this way?

I remember when people online were excited to meet new people. Now everyone acts like it’s the goddamned Walking Dead and all new people are bad-must hate them and treat them like shit until they leave. Yes, no one can rp with every person, but it doesn’t hurt to give new people a chance. The best part is no one has been able to give me any good reasons why being selective is a good thing-almost all of the blogs I’ve seen become this way get burned out, complain of inactivity and leave.

Maybe it’s because you shut yourself off from people. I’m sorry but fandoms require socialization. Don’t invest, get used to being alone.

Also, the amount of people who scream at others for daring to talk to them or send them messages are ridiculous! Who do you think you are, God? You’re not. Stop acting like people aren’t allowed to message you or talk to you, “Gods.” You aren’t, you’re just some regular noob playing a fake character. Not even children are this unfriendly and mean.

The worst bit is this bullshit is spreading to deviantart, too.

And to the real world. I had a veterinary clinic refuse to treat my animals because “WE ONLY OPERATE ON THE ONES WE KNOW OF LIKE CATS AND DOGS AND FUCK EVERY OTHER ANIMAL LOL.”

Yeah, so this asshole clinic would just let some kid’s hamster die because only dogs and cats matter. These dumbass schools don’t teach them to respect all animals’ lives, just a few and act like learning about new things is so bad. Sound familiar? The attitude is the exact same shitty attitude.

Congrats, somehow mutuals only bullshit made it to the outside world and is now killing animals because now people refuse to do research on new animals and learn about things. Thanks for killing off ingenuity, jerks.

It’s just frustrating how every time someone has a grievance-a legitimate grievance with the way things are run now in the rpc, someone will tell you “you’re not entitled to anything”.

Really now? I’m not entitled to respect? Equal treatment? Communication?

This leads us into the next bit, which is


I hear people whining all the time about “how dare people whine about cliques! It’s just people being friends!”, as if this is a topic that no one can ever address, lmfao, like how dare people have a problem with being left out, excluded and shunned for no real reason.

Cliques are a good concept, on the surface at least. It’s good to stick together with people you know. The world seems less scary that way.

However, in rp or in fandom, it is nothing short of infuriating, because no one will give new people the time of day. Their friends and cliques become so important that new people can go fuck themselves, because how dare they want to become part of something. How dare they!

We are so evil for wanting to do that, and connect with others. The more people are unwilling to associate with new people, the worse a group or fandom becomes. No one wants to deal with people who are too stuck up to interact with others.

Worse, it gives the impression that if you are a socially awkward person, you can and will be screwed.

Shunning takes place all too often in fandom. Be even the slightest bit different and people hate you for it. Have a different opinion? How dare you!

Cliques are everywhere these days and it’s absurd. It’s not high school, guys, grow up and accept new people, dammit. We shouldn’t have to tell you guys this.


Lately, the term of ghosting has popped up a lot lately. People take to ghosting their “friends” the second they don’t behave like they want them to. I have no words for how spoiled and shitty this behavior is. Talk things over with people.

Rpers who ghost their “friends” are horrible people and should be ashamed of themselves. You are why fandoms are so bad these days. No one bothers to act like a human being anymore.

Second, drama-drama is one of the biggest problems with fandom. People find reasons to bitch about everything and worse, no one ever tells them to shut the hell up. Those who do are considered evil.

Drama is so unnecessary in fandom and you seriously need to stop causing it or making it a problem.

But ghosting is bad because no one wants to communicate in fandom. I had a whole community ghost me simply because I had differing opinions that a BNF did not like. She turned the whole community against me and I had to leave. No explanation ever given.

Don’t expect your feelings to be taken into account, ever.

Finally, callout posts are the worst thing about fandoms now, alongside antis. There’s no room to acknowledge the other party as a human being who is fallible, and apologies are often met with scorn and continued harassment until the person tries to leave or harms themselves.

Often, they get doxxed, harassed to the point of oblivion. It can get really fucking absurd.

I understand why people cluster together. But all this does is create resentment from those outside your clique and make them angry. If you just tried to include them, maybe this shit wouldn’t happen as much.

I can’t say enough how important communication is.

D. Shipping wars/antis

Antis are what’s also ruining fandom. They bitch over ships, insist that only wholesome content be allowed to exist, and harass others, telling them to die. Shipping wars are also ridiculous and stupid and need to die.

No one cares what you ship.


Disabled people get it rough in fandom. We often get accused of being drama whores, have ED pages created that mock us, told we are making up our disorders, have people mass block us and tell us that we can’t headcanon a character as being like us because reasons.

I was told I talked too fast, was too annoying and clingy, and was too irritating, repetitive. I’m also autistic, so this is highly ableist. I got accused of messaging people too much. Sorry I can’t read social boundaries.

Whenever I wanted to be a part of something, people would always find a way to leave me out of it. My disability being too visible made me a bad person, apparently. It’s infuriating.

Blocking is also a coward’s way out. I understand when using it on abusers. But using it on your friends shows that you’re a coward who doesn’t want to resolve things. I can only wonder how you deal with irl situations.

Article III: How to fix these issues


It’s time we stopped acting like our tastes make us a “true fan”, stopped judging total strangers for their ships, interests, blogs and whether they liked what we liked. It’s time we got rid of elitists and showed them they have no place in fandom if they’re only going to be pricks and cause drama for others. If they keep their arrogant mouths shut, then whatever.

This is to those stupid fucks who dictate who can and can’t like something, who try to shove their opinions down others’ throats, and who can’t take being wrong on anything, whether it be a headcanon or ship. No one needs you in fandom if you will hurt others endlessly.

You’re a nuisance, a headache and it’s time you got over your ego.

It’s time these people learned a bit of tolerance and humility.

This goes to those people who refuse to rp with people they don’t know, too. Learn to share with others.

Let’s welcome others again. Don’t close off websites or rp, if you’re indie, act like it. Form group rps if you don’t want new people. Don’t just ghost new people, mistreat them or exclude them because they’re new and you’re scared.

Treat them with respect. Everyone belongs in a fandom, heedless of what you think of them. They have the right to be there and you have no right, I repeat, no right to make them leave or feel like shit.

(There are plenty of selective people who are not asshats and who make rping wonderful for everyone, I refer to those who shit on people who aren’t and waste people’s time).

No more gatekeeping, we all need to accept that fandom is an open door.


If you have a problem with someone in a fandom, talk to them. Don’t go stirring up drama behind their backs. Be a mature adult or teen and solve communication problems yourself. Don’t go dragging your drama in public.

Don’t send anon hate. Don’t get snippy at people who send you ims and want to actively interact with you. That’s not right.

If someone is bothering you or doesn’t seem to get it, ask if they have a disability. IF they use it to harass, block them.

However, I cannot stress enough how many problems could be solved if people simply took initiative and talked to each other like adults.

Unfollowing is mature. Ghosting and blocking for no reason is not and makes you look like the baby in the situation, unless again as I said the person is truly abusive. Most people can be talked to.

C. Be kind

I can’t stress enough how important this is. Don’t presume everyone is in the same place in a show as you are. Don’t be sarcastic or snippy with people who seem out of place. Be patient.

Don’t force any opinions down others’ throats, don’t be assholes and don’t cause drama.

Be nice, be kind and be tolerant.



It’s time to open up to new things. It’s time to experience new people and new rps. It’s time to look up new series and try them out and experience OCs and crossovers and overcome your bigotry and prejudice. You never know, you might really like it, and honestly people are tired of being excluded over this bullshit. Grow up and get over yourselves. Open your minds up and try new things.

This would help heal the relationship between ocs and canons. If you guys just took the time to listen and interact, maybe the hatred of ocs and crossovers would dissipate.


Again, it’s important to eliminate cliques or at the very least, discourage them and allow room for new people. You never know if they might become your new best friend. It hurts to be ignored. Don’t be that guy/girl.

Don’t let people shut new people out. Fandoms are more fun when everyone is involved. It doesn’t take much effort to socialize more and get out of your safe space. You shouldn’t need pressuring to help others feel included, too.

It’s not fair to exclude people. Step back a little, let others interact with your friends and with you. And above all else, don’t be a little shit and talk shit about them behind their backs. (This happened to me)

Fandom is more fun when everyone is included and given the love and respect they deserve.

How would you like it if you were ignored? Then don’t do it to anyone else.


Start talking to each other about your problems. Don’t be afraid to be friends outside your rp interests. Don’t act like that’s bad or people are demons for wanting friends.

Don’t ghost, communicate with people and resolve things. You’d be surprised how simple it can be sometimes. And it makes a world of difference.

A few months ago, I thought my friend was ghosting me and asked and the answer was that she was simply busy.

If your friends ask where you are, answer them. Don’t just ignore them, that’s rude and hurtful to their feelings. You wouldn’t like being treated that way, follow the golden rule: do unto others what you would want being done unto you.

Communication is great and it opens new doors. Above all else, humans are wired to communicate. No one deserves to be left out in the dark and be ignored by virtually everyone.

When everyone is included, it makes things better for everyone. No one feels depressed or excluded and better yet, you can improve someone’s mental state and save their lives.

That’s something to be proud of, isn’t it?


If marginalized groups (poc, disabled, lgbtq+) mention feeling neglected or left out, listen to them. Help them feel more included and listen to their feelings. Let them make their headcanons. Let them be a part of fandom, too. A black Harry or Hermione isn’t harming anyone.

If they think something is prejudiced, listen to them and acknowledge it and offer solutions to fixing the problems. Ignoring racism/sexism in fandom is not good for anyone involved and just leads to more complications.



People don’t trust each other anymore like they need to. People have done enough damage shunning each other and it needs to stop. If we want to make fandoms, rpc, etc, better, we need to begin by changing our actions towards others online asap.

We need to reestablish trust and mutual understanding. We need to stop ignoring problems and hating on others.

Because of drama, no one feels safe anymore. People should feel welcomed and safe.


I have no words for how great fanfiction.net, deviantart, and wordpress make me feel. They are open spaces where anyone can do anything and be accepted. No one makes you wait months to join, pay a stupid fee for a social media account, or shits on your work.

Fanfiction readers are some of the nicest, chillest people. They don’t act elitist and roll with everything. No one says you can’t read this if you are. People simply chill and relax.

It’s a great atmosphere.

It’s a homey one. It’s one we need more of.

Somehow, “cater to yourselves” became “let’s only cater to ourselves and fuck everyone else.” That’s not how it’s supposed to be.

Closed off websites only lead to more bs and more cliques and more isolation. It’s not good for anyone to be shunned or left out. Hopefully some of you will take steps to improve fandom after reading this.

Know that I truly want the good old days of kind fandom to come back. I don’t intend for people to become social butterflies, but I would like it for everyone to feel included again.

There’s nothing as wonderful as including someone else. You never know when that person might do something just as wonderful for you.

Ted Bundy’s victims, part 2: 1971-73 plus additional 2 Washington women

By the time 1971 rolled around, Ted Bundy had killed at least seven women.

By the time 1971 ended, he would add three more to his list of victims, bringing the total number of victims up to around 10.

The first victim, undoubtedly, had to be a Washington girl-young Joyce LePage, a beautiful college student with dreams and hopes of her own. All of those came to a brutal, bloody end in July of 1971.

She woke up and got ready for her day and then-just like that-she vanished.

No word, no sightings, no nothing. Joyce simply vanished. Her family searched for answers. But they got none until nine months later, when her body was found wrapped up in a carpet, in a canyon, covered with brush.

She had been stabbed to death and her body was so badly decomposed that it was hard to tell the cause of death. Authorities define it as an “open” case, but Bundy remains as a suspect. The odds are favorable here, however it could have easily been an ex-boyfriend who committed the killing. For now, we will leave Joyce as a “potential” Bundy victim and move on to the next one.

In July of the same month, a young teacher named Rita Curran went to bed late at night-and never woke up. The young woman was found in her room the next morning, clearly dead. By the looks of it, she had been through hell.

Poor Mrs. Curran had been stripped naked, raped, and strangled to death, and beaten around the face and head violently. The beating had been done with the fists.

The police were at a loss as to who to blame for this violent, senseless and cruel crime. Little did they realize the man who did this would be the same man who would later attack Karen Sparks in her Washington apartment in the same violent manner three years later.

Theodore Bundy was, according to Ann Rule, “headed to Vermont” around that time to “figure out who he was.” Both Bundy and Curran were born in Burlington, Vermont, and had birthdays in November, only adding to the strangeness of this case.

Why would Ted use his fists in this case? Was she resisting him, or were there simply no bludgeoning instruments available with which to do the job?

One thinks perhaps she woke up and struggled while he was assaulting her, so he strangled her and beat her several times to ensure she was dead, before leaving the apartment. Midnight would have been the ideal time for Bundy to enter the apartment.

One can almost imagine the man himself, crouched outside her apartment, watching, waiting, and peeping in on her, and then taking the chance to sneak inside and kill her.

Bundy is considered a suspect in the death of Curran, but it is currently an open case. Like many others, Curran was a beautiful woman with long brown hair.

The last, and final victim, might surprise some people. However, I fully believe it is important to consider Bundy in this case, given its fairly strange nature, and the circumstances of this young lady’s disappearance. It’s only fair to cover all grounds.

In December of 1971, a young woman named Lynne Schulze was a regular college student. The seventeen year old was very attractive for her age, with long, brown hair parted in the middle and bright blue eyes.

On the day of December 10, Schulze seemed to be in positive spirits. Nothing seemed to be particularly out of the ordinary as she headed outside her dormitory on her last day alive. She stopped at a health food store and purchased some prunes, apparently seen eating them at 12:30, and was going to take a bus, but the bus had already left.

Sometime between those fifteen minutes, something or someone showed up to befriend Lynne and offer her advice.

At 12:55, she was headed to an English exam, when Schulze exclaimed that she’d forgotten a favorite pen and needed to return to her dormitory to retrieve it.

She never showed up for the test, nor with her pen.

For the next hour and fifteen minutes, Schulze was missing, and then someone reported seeing her standing at around 2:15 pm, across the street from the bus stop she’d been at earlier. This was the final sighting of Schulze, as she vanished into oblivion.

Schulze left behind all her belongings. Lynne had simply vanished, and no easy answers were to be had.

A man named Robert Durst is considered the main suspect, however I don’t believe he is the one responsible for abducting and killing Schulze.

I believe, rather, that in the hour in between her tests, that Schulze was approached by a certainly handsome young man, who struck up a conversation with her, telling her that he had the answers to her exam questions, and would let her see them if she came to the street.

Fooled by this ruse, Schulze came outside at around 12:30, but did not see him. Annoyed, she made up the pen excuse and went out to find the mystery man who had offered her help, only to be met by him again.

He led her to his vehicle, and perhaps bought her a drink and they sat and talked, while Schulze found it uncomfortable that an older man was showing so much attention to her. He might have mentioned that he was in college at the time.

It’s uncertain how, but I theorize that perhaps he dropped her off and told her to meet him somewhere. She agreed and stood on the side of the road waiting for him.

He came to take her away and she went in, and was never seen alive again.

Ted Bundy rode away with yet another victim. Presumably she was bludgeoned to death, strangled and raped before being decapitated and dumped in some bushes. Her body has never been located.

Let us not forget the similarities between this case and those of Susan Curtis, Susan Rancourt, Donna Manson, and GeorgeAnn Hawkins: in all of them, girls disappeared in areas where they thought they were safe. They just disappeared.

Like the others, Lynne Schulze up and disappeared, never to be seen alive again. Bundy’s bloodthirst was just beginning to grow, and after having killed at least two victims in Vermont, he was worried that people might notice. Perhaps after reading about Schulze’s disappearance in the paper, he decided to head back to Seattle and stay undercover for a bit.

At this point, it can be assumed that Bundy is a STRONG suspect in the killing of Rita Curran, and a LIKELY suspect in the kidnapping and murder of Lynne Schulze. Durst has not been charged with her disappearance.

1972: Santa Rosa and the evolution of a killer

We know Santa Rosa best as being the place of a tragic fire that occurred last year, which took many homes and many lives with it.

However, Santa Rosa has other secrets that remain unsolved, most notably a series of murders involving hitchhikers that took place from 1972-73. People have linked the stupid fucking Zodiac again, which once more, we can rule out, as being bullshit.

However, I also consider Kenneth Bianchi a good suspect in these crimes, too, as one or more of the killings don’t match Bundy’s mo (smothered, and a girl poisoned?)

However, first, let us return back to Washington and discuss two previously overlooked victims from Bundy’s run in 1974.

First, on December 4, 1974, seventeen year old Laurie Lynn Partridge disappeared while walking home from school with cramps. Bundy was questioned by police not long after the incident but let go. Police still believe he had nothing to do with it. This is dumb on many levels.

First of all, Partridge was 1. Attractive, 2. A brunette, 3. A lone girl wandering by herself, and 4. Easy bait.

How could Bundy not resist such an easy catch? Partridge was easy enough to lure into his car and kill, hell, just like the others, she is forever marked as missing.

Seven days later, Marla Jean Thomas, 22, disappeared from Anacortes, Washington, on December 11th. Notice the pattern here? Sounds like a Bundy pattern to me. There is “little evidence in her disappearance.”

Read my lips: When a woman in the 70s just vanishes like that with no evidence left behind, and in Washington, it’s more than likely a Bundy victim. It just screams Bundy because of the circumstances surrounding the mysterious disappearance.

Sadly, neither girl’s remains have been found.

I believe Bundy is responsible for both of their disappearances.

Now, back to one of the Santa Rosa killings that proves Ted was behind the killings: the very last killing, in December of 1973.

Officers didn’t know what to make of the corpse that washed up in Washington. It was obvious she had been drowned. What’s more, she was bound at the hands and feet, and strangled, raped, and beaten. Her name was Theresa Diane Walsh.

Ironically she was killed a mere few weeks before Bundy began his rampage in Washington. The evidence here screams Ted.

Two other crimes have been linked to Ted, the disappearances of two women in Oregon, however I haven’t found much on those cases. They could be Ted’s or someone else’s.

As for the Santa Rosa crimes, someone online said that Ted (unconfirmed) was working a job at a factory near where some of the girls disappeared. He did like moonlit areas and lonely lanes, though. Liz said as much.

In this case, Santa Rosa must have been so embarrassing to Ted that he clammed up when asked if there were any crimes in California and only admitted to one (Donna Lass? Robin Graham?) before saying, “I don’t want to discuss California right now.”

And, knowing what we know now, it makes perfect sense. In Washington, he was silent, stealthy, perfect at snatching women. In California in 1967-68, he was a fucking moron and openly approached women and made himself look like the weirdo that he was. No wonder he was embarrassed. He didn’t snag a single fish that we know of until 69.

Lass was a success and so was Graham. However, what made California such a sore spot for Ted is that his first string of rampant murders were discovered. The bodies were all found, and his hiding areas were located. How enraged he must have been.

Let’s be obvious, Ted wasn’t very smart this time around. He merely threw bodies off embankments and refused to hide them. Did he honestly believe no one would notice?

The killings officially began when two 12 year olds went missing from an ice skating rink while hitchhiking. Their bodies were later found off a steep embankment. It was evident that they had been strangled to death.

Bundy has taken children before, Culver and Leach come to mind the most. So children would not be entirely out of left field for him.

The crimes continued, at least monthly, matching the pattern Bundy would set later. At least a few experts believe Ted committed these crimes and Keppel thinks so, too.

On March 4, 1972, Kim Wendy Allen accepted a ride from two men. They last saw her hitchhiking, holding a large wooden barrel (the fuck would she need that for?).

The next day she was found in a steep embankment. She had been bound and slowly strangled with a cord for thirty minutes, raped and markings indicated that Ted fell while transporting the body.

The next month, on April 25, 1972, Jeanette Kamahele disappeared. She was last seen entering the truck of a man with an Afro hairstyle. Before you go dismissing this, keep in mind that I learned that Bundy owned a pick up truck, and also had his hair mistaken for an Afro many times.

Thus, this ups the chances of it being Bundy greatly.

“A Caucasian male, 20-30, with an Afro hairstyle.” At the time, Ted Bundy was approximately 26 years old, and had an Afro-like hairstyle and owned a pickup truck.

Her body was never found.

Lori Lee Kursa was another victim of Bundy. A 13-year old runaway, she was found with a broken neck. I’m going to dismiss the sighting as invalid and say that it’s possible, but unlikely. Bundy most likely abducted her silently.

Rosa Vasquez, Yvonne Quilantang, Angela Thomas, Nancy Patricia Gidley, and Laura A. O’Dell all remain likely Bundy victims, the last two notably because O’Dell suffered head injuries in addition to being strangled. Gidley was also strangled, while the rest were smothered or strangled.

The only oddity is in the pregnant girl and the Hispanic heritage, but maybe he didn’t give a fuck. It is odd. I’m gonna go ahead and assume he killed all of them, but probably Gidley and O’Dell are most likely his kills and someone else did the other three.

Do I know for certain that Bundy committed these crimes? No, but it’s a theory.

The killings all resemble Bundy in theory, attack range and in age and hairstyle of the victims.

In addition, we can also consider Paula Ann Pope (disappeared off a highway hitchhiking in CA in 1972), Sheila Collins (strangled to death in Iowa in 1968), and two girls who vanished in 1969 as additional, but not likely suspects.

I have since omitted the Wyoming murders since there is a much better suspect in that case.

There’s no beating around the bush. Ghosting is abusive and you should be ashamed of doing it (in most cases)

I was ghosted again recently. It really hurt me.

I was in such a bad state of mind that I could do NOTHING for days. I couldn’t concentrate on homework, reviews or my own writing. I lingered around my room like a ghost, blaming myself.

What had I done wrong?

One second everything seemed normal, the next second my “friend” had blocked me without telling me if anything was bothering her, or if so, how to fix it.

I felt betrayed, ignored and neglected. I felt like I could never trust anyone ever again.

I’m not the only one. Lots of people don’t like ghosting and think it’s bad. But the problem is, our culture seems to encourage and even praise people who ghost without thinking that maybe we should discourage this practice and be nicer to each other and communicate.

In my next post, I remark on the problems with the fandoms now, from the lack of inclusivity to the hatred of new things and new people, to shunning people, drama and ghosting, and the suggestion of perhaps dropping this crap and being mature.